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Why choose dual pricing?
We'll show you why.

Fully Compliant

Dual Pricing is a processing program that allows businesses to significantly lower or eliminate their credit card processing costs. 

The merchant presents the customer with a cash and a credit card price, which allows them to decide on their preferred payment method.

Why Choose Dual Pricing?

By opting to adopt our fully compliant dual pricing program, you can effectively eliminate the burden and expenses associated with processing credit card payments, while offering your customers better pricing and savings.

In an environment where industry-wide prices are steadily increasing, it's crucial to maintain competitive pricing while simultaneously minimizing your operational costs.

Additionally, this initiative encourages your customers to engage in more cash transactions within your establishment, a practice that consistently proves advantageous for the restaurant cashflow

Compliance for Dual Pricing

We will provide you with signage to display at the point of sale and at the entrance of your business explaining the dual pricing program.

Our state of the art software is fully compliant with the news rules and regulation stipulated by the card brands.

Our system will automatically present the client with the accurate dual pricing and will reflect the savings, as well as the total if paid cash and the total if paid with card.


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