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Track your business expenses and revenue accurately


How Does It Work?

The back office collects data from the POS and aggregates it into the appropriate report or dashboard.

It can provide users with real-time notifications and alerts about changes in the data or when specific thresholds are reached. It provides management and administrative functions for the restaurant.

The back office is typically accessed by authorized personnel, such as managers, and allows them to manage various aspects of the restaurants daily operations.

Mobile Reporting App

The EdgeServ mobile app allows you to seamlessly view your live sales on the dashboard as well as pull any report from any date you wish. You can access your business's reports, change prices, adjust employees and many more administrative functions from the ease of your cellphone or mobile device.


Employee Management

The back office allows managers to configure employee schedules, track attendance, monitor performance and examine labor costs. It also enables managers to set up access levels and permissions for employees.

Inventory management:

EdgeSev allows managers to track and manage inventory levels, reorder products, and set up automated replenishment based on sales data.

Sales and Transaction Management

The back office provides access to sales data, allowing managers to track sales, refunds, returns, and voids. It also enables managers to manage promotions, discounts, and pricing strategies. 

Reporting and Analytics

The back office provides access to real-time and historical data, allowing managers to create custom reports and analytics that provide insights into sales, inventory, and other key performance indicators.

Table Layout and Configuration

EdgeServ's fully customizable and interactive table configuration ensures you will have an organized and easy to understand table layout. 

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