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Bars & Nightclubs

Happy Hour?
Shots all night?
Let's keep it going!



Easy menu configuration.

We have designed the menu to be quick to navigate and easy to edit. Use the fast screen to quickly ring up your most sought after items.

Tab management made easy.

Limit buttons taps and user errors. Easily take orders and charge your customers with our quick cash and quick card functions.

Bar Tab Pre-Authorization.

Speed up charging your customers and eliminate waiting time by pre-authorizing your bar tabs, no more holding to your customers cards or long lines to pay.

Reporting from anywhere you are.

You are able to view your open tickets, closed tickets and any other information remotely from anywhere you are. Make sure your business is running how you intend it to be ran.


Multiple ways to pay.

Charge your customers with ease, using multiple forms of payment to accommodate  your customers . Tap to pay.

EMV terminals.

QR to pay.

Pay at the table.

This will speed up your sales and free more of your staff to go on to the next client and maintain a high level of customer service, while turning tables faster.


From Cloud to Kitchen

Our system does not rely on a silly cloud or internet as well as other external factors to run. Why have an "offline mode" if you are never offline. Everything you need will be right at your location for your top privacy and security. All your data is stored locally and  exclusive for you to view and manage. It's like having the best of both worlds, the reliability of a local server and the accessibility of a cloud system. 


Track your operation.

Make sure your staff and location is running its day to day operations correctly. Our easy reporting and our mobile app modules provide you with real time and valuable  information you need to run your restaurant effectively and accurately,  we make sure everything is transparent and you have the tools to run your restaurant smoothly.

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