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Fast Casual

Quick, Reliable, Accurate
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Streamlined Takeout

Easily identify and dispatch orders with our friendly takeout system. Identify each order accurately to make sure every customer is happy.

Smart Delivery Module

Our intuitive delivery module is designed to streamline your deliveries and make sure they arrive at the right place and the right time

Quick and Reliable

Staying online and reliability is important to us and  in your speedy fast casual environment. 

Delivery Module

Google maps integrated.

Getting it right is now the norm, with our google maps integration addresses are easily predicted and autofill in the POS and online. No misspelled addresses anymore.

Create your fully customizable delivery zones. 

You do not want to be limited when creating your zones, reach the clients you would like and as far as you would like. You are not limited to a circle or a square fully customize your zones in any way.

Independent zone pricing.

Each zone can have its own pricing and percentage distributed to your drivers. 

Quick and easy address verification.

Our system automatically identifies and verifies all addresses and assures they are in your delivery zone.

Online Ordering

Do not rely on a third party.

With our fully integrated online ordering you can boost your online presence while increasing sales. You will no longer need to rely on a third party system to take online orders and can do it all from one place while keeping all your sales inhouse.

Pay at the Table

Increase staff productivity

Taking orders has never been easier. Your staff will be able to talk with your guest and make sure they are taking down the order correctly and sending to the kitchen immediately increasing your restaurants efficiency. As soon as your guests are ready to pay you will be able to show them their total and charge them all at once, no running back and forth.

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